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Android Codelabs

For the first time, GDG in collaboration with MMIL is organsing ANDROID CODELABS for all the Java enthusiasts out there. So brace yourself for the screening round based on Basic JAVA.
Groups will be divided according to the performance in this screening round.
For top scoring groups – Android Codelabs
For other groups – Basic Java concepts and programming concepts

The main motive of the event was to find those students who are proficient in Java so  that they can participate actively and constructively in the upcoming main event ‘Android Codelabs’. Participants were mainly students of undergraduate course(mostly 1st and 2nd years). Overall, the event saw a good turnout.

Key Points and Statistics of the Event:


–  74 students were registered prior to the event, apart from the team and its mentors.

–   About 51 people reported at the event including 18 girl participants.

–  Enthusiastic response from the attendees.

–  Request for more events related to Java.

Past Events

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Lay it Out

This event checked the designing accuracy of the participants. In this event, the teams were given an image of raw HTML and CSS code and they were required to draw the most probable design of the page generated by that code. Each team was judged by their design accuracy and number of correct designs.This event had only one round and marking was done as per the level of correctness of the page designed.

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Code in Less

This event judges the logic designing of the participants. In this event, the contestants will be given a problem statement and they have to write their code in their preferred language. But the constraint is that they will be judged by the file size of code they have written. So the less code you write, the better. Seeing the problem of language neutrality i.e. a problem coded in one specific language may take more space as compared to when coded on a different language, a normalised marking structure will be created for giving score.The event will consist of 2 rounds, in prelims round participants will be given algorithm and data structure based mcqs and then the qualified teams (around 10 in number) will compete in main round where they will have to code in less.

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Googling Maniac

Participants were given a set of questions having technical as well as non technical solutions related to google products.The event motive was to judge how precisely a participant can answer the exact problem tackled in the question.The questions were based on certain useful techniques and technologies which are generally overlooked by the students.The more technical the answer will be, the better will be performance of the participant.

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Crack The Shell

Flagship event of GDG JSS, this event tests the learning power and aptitude of the participants. In this event, the candidates were given a set of problems and a language name for each problem. They were required to learn the syntax through internet on the spot and it will check the learning capacity of the participants, in the given time and have to write the code for solving the particular problem. The contestant with the highest number of correct solutions won.This event consisted of 2 rounds, first a prelims round held and 10 teams were shorted for the main round.

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Code in Time

The teams got a whole lot of 50 easy but challenging programming questions to solve overnight.They were login at the same time when the event started and were allowed to process their brains for continuous 8 hours with breaks in between.The twist comes here , after each successful submission the weightage of each question were reduce to half i.e if the marks for that question is 100, after one successful submission its weightage was 50 and so on.The team with maximum score was the winner.This ensured that everyone maintain their speed and engage them.This was a brainstorming event and proper breaks were given in between to ensure that there is no partiality and an enthusiastic participation.

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This was supposed to be one of the most exciting event of the fest.

As the name suggest “flash” a famous DC comics hero who has got limitless speed,this event was also based on same concept, solving problems in particular time limit.

It was an online event which held during college fest. A set of problems, based on different concepts and using different technologies were released online. Participants solved these problem but the restrictionwas if a problem is solved by any of the participant then it will be locked and cannot be attempted by anyone. This made our participants motivated to solve more and more problems and before anyone else to earn maximum score. As the questions are diverse in nature ,hence every student can take part in the event. There wase a scoreboard from which participants could see their participant. We are hoping to get maximum crowd in this event as its concept is innovative and something out of box. We hoped that everyone will enjoy the event and it would emerge as one of the successful event.

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The event was well organised by the members of the group. It was a long event which lasted around a week and the new members were recruited through a series of competitions such as codestorm , the client and conception. Some members were called directly in interview rounds and others were selected through aptitude tests and technical mcq tests. All over around 80 students participated out of which finally 6 members got recruited as the new members of GDG JSS Noida.

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On   24th of  January,2017  GDG  JSS  NOIDA  organized  CONCEPTION competition at JSS  Academy of  Technical  Education, Noida.

The  event turnout to be a great success as a large number of students from all the years took part in it. The  event was organized to judge the knowledge of various designing tools like Adobe Photoshop,Corel Draw ,Illustrator etc among students and also to give an idea about designing to first years who are new to this field .Students gathered a lot of information from the seniors and also from eachother during the entire event.

Key Points and Statics of the Event:


–  About 36 students registered for the event including 13 girls participants.

–  About 25 students attended the event.

–  A nice competitive environment was created.

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The event was successful in attracting programmers from 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd yrs. The main motive of the event was to test their programming skills and give them a platform to test their skills and boost up their confidence. The motive was also to introduce 1st year students with competitive programming and let them know how to code on websites like codechef.

Key Points and Statistics of the Event:

–  Organized by GDG JSS Noida.

–  About 75 people registered for the event apart from team GDG and its mentors.

–  About 60 people reported at the event including 20 girl participants.

–  Enthusiastic response from attendees.

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The Client

The Event was a successful one and witnessed participation from many Web Developers of the college who were keen to showcase their talent. The participating students were from the first, second as well as the third year. The main motive of the event was to give interested students a chance to showcase their skills for the same and get used to the process of web developing competitions. The event brought out the students’ knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS which form the basis of a website. It helped find students’ knowledge of web.

Key points and statistics of the Event:

–  Organized by GDG JSS NOIDA

–  Date: 25th January 2017 Wednesday

–  Timing: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

–  Venue: Computer Lab AB3, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

–  Registered Students: 34 apart from team GDG and its members

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