About us

"Pleasure put in work puts perfection in it"

We at GDG, passionate, deserving, motivated geeks work for becoming superheros, for attaining perfection aspiring success and leagcy. For the world we are just a team but for each other we are a family!
We believe in an open information culture and would thus like to keep our members abreast with the latest and greatest in Web,Systems,Mobiles and ofcourse Google

Current Members

Suyash Tilhari

Deepti Jain

Ayush Sehgal

Abhishek Kumar Singh

Abhishek Singhania

Himanshu Agrawal

I am a passionate Web Developer and Programmer

Divya Singhal


Sarthak Gupta

Vibhav Chaturvedy

Saurabh Ranjan

Vinayak Bansal

Hargovind Arora

Mayank Chauhan

Atishaya Jain

Alumni Members

Supratim Chakraborty

Founder and Organiser GDG JSS NOIDA

Taranjeet Singh

A tech and open source enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Quizzer.




Deshraj Yadav

Pankhuri Rastogi


Shiv Baran Singh


Shashank Agarwal

Karan Piplani